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A Comedic Dive Into the World of Social Media Stardom... Can You Handle the Fame?

Finding Joy

TV-14 -     

Genre: Comedy
Year Released: 2018 -
Runtime: 12 x 25m episodes
Creator(s): Amy HubermanRebecca O'Flanagan
Cast: Amy Huberman, Paul Reid, Hannah James-Scott, Peter McDonald, Lochlann O'Mearáin, Kerry Howard, Ruth Kearney, Gareth O'Connor
Where To Watch: Both seasons are available on DVD or streaming on Acorn TV

RAVING REVIEW: FINDING JOY, a hilarious comedy series, showcases the versatile Amy Huberman as a journalist who unintentionally becomes a social media influencer. With its meta take on comedy, captivating character dynamics, and the unique humor brought by Joy's dog (yep, you read that right,) the show never ceases to amuse its audience. This is incredibly random, and I don’t have a lot to back up my theory but there was something about this series that just stuck with me, especially season one. It felt like had Ellen Muth’s character from the series DEAD LIKE ME “George” didn’t become a grim reaper, this would’ve been her adult life. This is in spirit only since they are in no way connected and George isn’t Irish either.

In the second season, Joy, portrayed by Huberman, seizes her fame by launching her very own video channel. As she dives into the realm of online influencing, she soon discovers that accumulating followers and sponsors are only the tip of the iceberg. Huberman's charismatic performance breathes humor and vitality into Joy's personal struggles and professional life, leaving viewers craving more episodes of this charming show. I will agree with the overwhelming majority of reviews I’ve read, season two feels drastically different than season one. I don’t think that’s all bad though, I used the logic that Joy “grew” by being thrown into the limelight in season one.

Throughout FINDING JOY, Joy embarks on various adventures, in a normal narrative this would’ve been hard to explain but the “internet celebrity” is afforded these spontaneous activities all the time. While Joy is determined to make the most of life, the constant pressure to churn out entertaining content begins to tarnish the allure of her once hopeful outlook.

Peter McDonald as Joy's lovable canine sidekick Aidan is fantastic, the simple one-liners got me multiple times throughout. Huberman's depiction of the emotionally fragile, anxiety-ridden Joy, who is painfully conscious of her flaws, strikes the perfect balance between relatability and entertainment. Attempting to become somewhat of an “influencer” myself I can maybe relate more than some but I think most will find enjoyment in this character.

FINDING JOY offers a refreshing blend of wit, self-discovery, and character growth. The show pokes fun at new-age trends while preserving its distinctive flavor and not diving too deep into that stereotype. That being said, some viewers argue that the second season falls short of the enchanting charm that initially captivated audiences.

Amy Huberman's fans love the first season of FINDING JOY for its creative and endearing qualities. However, many were disappointed with the second season, citing overblown absurdity and a significant shift in Joy's character from charmingly goofy to self-absorbed and egotistical. For this reason alone, I hope Acorn Media greenlights a third season, I would love to see where the character goes from here.

In conclusion, FINDING JOY is a delightful and humorous sitcom centered around a flawed, yet relatable and lovable protagonist. Make sure to go check out the series so that we can get a well-deserved third season that Joy needs!

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